Client Testimonials

"I have been with U.S. Insurance Agency going on three or four years now. Dean and his group are by far the best insurance company I have encountered. I have had about ten insurances companies in the past and was never happy. U S insurance agency is always polite and listens to my needs. They make sure I have the coverage's I need. They are fast with sending out certificates to clients. They call me if they see something I may need. They actually listen to me and let me talk. They are not pushy! I am more then happy and don't plan on changing companies. I have finally found the right one!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone!!!" Brian V

"I appreciate all you did for us, especially with everything that was going on with Memphis. I couldn't think straight never mind concentrate on all the insurance issues. You really made it easier for me, thanks.” Melissa Z

“I just wanted you to know what a great job Stacey is doing for us. I'm sure you're in the loop but she has done a great job acting as a my representative since I have no clue as to what all of these additions this third party contract firm wants from us are (and apparently neither do they). She has gone above and beyond for us and more importantly she's fielded all of their inane (in my opinion) requests and saved me from having to deal with them. You should be happy that you have someone like her on your staff taking care of your clients.” Gary K

“Throughout the years, I have always turned to U.S. Insurance Agency for my business insurance needs. From service stations to specialty chemicals, Rich and his team have certainly provided their industry expertise on various types of coverage. The staff is great! Sharon Sledge delivers excellent customer service and follow up.” Sharmila D

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